TTTB~ Chapter 9

Merry Christmas to our Readers! This is our most prized possession to offer. We hope you’ll enjoy it and be blessed! ~ Love Incarcerated  Click here to read Chapter 1 ~ Part 1   Taking Time to Breathe Revised Previously published under  Lisa M. Earnest   Copyright ©2011 by the author of this book  Lisa M.Earnest. The book … Continue reading TTTB~ Chapter 9


Getting Ready

Thanks for dropping by. Just a little note, I intend on making 2019 my best year as a prison wife! I am fully supported by the couple that lets me live in their home, eat their food, and drive their car. This is my time! I hope you are enjoying Taking Time to Breathe. I … Continue reading Getting Ready

延頸挙踵/waiting for the moment

Are you following this photographer?!? If not, do yourself a favor…NOW…GO!!!!

T Ibara Photo

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© 茨原 孝貞(T Ibara Photo)

© Takami Ibara (T Ibara Photo)
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