Face the Darkness

I dreamed that I had gone blind I could no longer see your face For a moment you were there Then gone without a trace I put out my hand As the tears streamed down You gently took my hand Kissed me on my brow Then though my world was dark Your light came shining … Continue reading Face the Darkness


I’m not big on people

Sorry I've been unable to pay back views or even blog for myself. There are people, people everywhere, big people and younger people and big people that act like younger people. I can only hide in my room. That still doesn't guarantee I get to sleep. The younger ones, of course, want to be in … Continue reading I’m not big on people

Shopping with Pocket Lovie

In honor of one of the saddest days in my life when my Lovie was arrested tomorrow 2 years ago, I took myself on an awesome shopping therapy trip...I spent money on myself and spent the rest of the day talking to my Lovie as he fights against every emotion known to man. So I … Continue reading Shopping with Pocket Lovie

I’m Disappointed but I’ll survive

  Not a single person stepped up to donate to Ko-fi after I went Gold. I tried to cancel it in time but missed it by a day so that took another $6 from the shopping therapy that I so desperately need today! I'm disappointed but I'll survive. Today marks the last time my husband … Continue reading I’m Disappointed but I’ll survive