October 18th – her poetry


This poem was written while my husband and I had zero contact a few weeks ago. I wrote it on the anniversary of a very difficult day when he and I lost our unborn son in the 2nd trimester. My husband was actually able to make contact on that anniversary, but unfortunately, with all the changes, he forgot our son’s “birthday” this year and felt really terrible about it.

October 18th

An eerie silence filled the room
Expectant joy turned to gloom
And now we’re caught
Once again

The violent storm ends

I need to fall into your arms
And know that all is well
Instead, I wait beside the phone
Awaiting an end to this hell

I want you to hold me
And hold me tight
Catch the tears that fall
Five years have passed
Since that terrible sight
The moment when we lost it all

I stand alone on this sad day
And Baby, that’s not fair!
I am hurting for our son
And you are way over there

Words were said
Actions did
In the end
Evil hissed
And on this day
When I need you the most

You can’t be here
You’re across the coast!

Love Incarcerated


Image by Pixabay



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