The Lawnmower Man- a ditty about my daddy-


A Little Ditty about my Daddy

Daddy was an older gent, by the time I came around. Already had three
mouths to feed. Twas a way, my Daddy found! Daddy was a hard worker
be it fields or big machines. He’d work all day. Then work all night, never
rested or so it seemed.
Hard times fell on Daddy as I entered my high school year. Someone said
Daddy was too old. Said he couldn’t work anywhere! There he stood, no
hope in sight. I felt I was the cause of it. But Daddy stumbled just a bit,
persevered and would not hear if it!
That man they said was too old, is a legend in his own its told. Young
men took a back seat as doors began to close. Businesses knew they’d
been beat! Just a simple boy from the South running a shop outside his
“You need a sign, Lawn Mower Man!” some said.
Daddy thought, then you know what he did?
He put a lawnmower on a pole so that everyone would know where to
find The Lawnmower Man.
Daddy worked with his hands until his dying day! Not even cancer stood in his
way! And when the obituary was said, few knew him by name and so it
“Called to Heaven, The Lawnmower Man”
In Loving Memory




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