A Closed Chapter ~ her poetry

Howling in the mountains
Stalking your prey
You read my vulnerability
From a million miles away
No chains or shackles
No barrel to my head
You used your power
To lure me instead

We’re taught to trust our pastors
Listen to them preach
Sit and do not question
The message that they preach
We are not taught to fear them
Or how to get away
When we start to see the lies
In the words in which they say

I saw it all too clearly
I almost saw too late
Had me behind that locked door
Almost sealed my fate
You were not expecting
The fight that I gave to you
I would kill for my honor
I think you knew it too

I heard you call them on me
That pack of dogs you keep
I heard them every night for years
Each time I tried to sleep
That was a long time ago
I nearly lost my will

I am closing this chapter
I’m a survivor and I will heal

This poem is based upon a chapter in my own life when I was held captive by a would-be rapist. Thankfully, I forgave this man of clergy and did not send him to prison. Knowing what I know now about how the prison system destroys families, I honestly could not have lived with that decision. In forgiveness, there is peace. In hatred, there is captivity. 


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