Day by Day ~ her poetry


Today is a good day
He smiles and lifts his brow
I enjoy his laughter
For the moment that is now
I learned my ways around
The highs and the lows
There is no middle ground
I know that he’ll come crashing down
And I can’t predict the blow
He stumbles and he falls
Rarely keeping both feet on the ground
When he’s up, he’s really up
But when he’s down….
Deep behind those handsome eyes
Instability abounds!
Horrible is the pain
When depression crashes through
He will say he doesn’t care what happens
Then he will prove it too
He tries to drink his pain away
Numb is all he can deal
This intensifies the symptom
He doesn’t even feel
His mind becomes a war zone
Telling him to take risks, not worth taking
He cannot look outside himself
Inside he is breaking
Mixing weed with his liquor
Helps him forget much quicker
The pain that keeps him locked
Into a horrible place in time
I wrap my arms around him
Wishing I could make him stay
Every moment is precious
As his fragile mind starts to fade
Is he a man? Is he a child?
It changes day by day
But in this moment we both smile
Because today was a good day


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