Rings ~ her poetry

by me


The ring on his finger
Threw it to the side
Betrayals often linger
Secrets he can’t hide
He longed to be a father
Someone to carry his name
He decided not to bother
He thought they were all the same
Scratches on a white gold band
Guilty fingers on his hands
No pillow on which to lay his head
Weary from choices and where they led
Lifting up his eyes he knew
He’d found a love that was so true
And though the cuffs went on that day
She had every right to go

But she’s by his side the whole damn way!
Rings on her fingers
Forgiveness in her hands
Betrayals often linger
She proudly wears both bands
He longed to be a father
A request she could not fill
She could have chosen not to bother
But she never will
With all of my Love to Juan Miguel.
I forgive you.



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