Tears of a Prison Wife ~ her poetry

My mind will not sleep
My body aches
My heart is racing
The anticipation
Of a new day
Where I can’t find my way
I can’t explain
There’s no reason or rhyme
God’s mysterious timing
Living without my love
Wondering and hoping
How to bring him home

Wanting to wave a magic wand
Evil laughter echoes
Oh theirs will come
I can’t wait to see
Them suffer like me
Trying to stay focused
On what’s to come
But what is to come?
I’m worried and afraid
I need him to hold me
Tell me it’s okay
It’s not okay
It’s not okay
Where am I going?
I can’t find my way
Darkness closes in
I fight my way through
Trying to see the light
At the end of this tunnel
Of gloom
And despair
This sentencing is unfair
We need to be together

He stares at brick walls now
No window to even see out
Our hearts cry
It isn’t fair

As our limited time
To make our appeal
Runs out

On our broken hearts
Filled with doubt



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