Prayer of a Prison Wife ~ her poetry

I open the drawer
Which holds Your Word
I close it again
Can’t lift the Sword

Too weak to stand
Too tired to bow
Try to carry on
But not sure how
My heart is filled with love
You see?

By your grace
You joined us together, him and me
But the question that tears and rips at our hearts
You put us together
Why have You allowed us
To be torn apart?

My faith it battles against my tears
Did You have to give him so many years?!?
Lord, You know his heart
You know his mind

He’s such a sweet soul, gentle and kind
Why did You let the enemy win?
Hatred carried him away
He was lost in sin

Have You forgotten Your promises when?
You said You’d never leave or forsake
But he is there
I am here

I don’t know how much more pain we can take
God, if You’re listening
Don’t let us break!!


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