Happy 11-11-11-11

Juan asked that I post this at 11:11 Eastern because 11 is our number.

  1. God
  2. is
  3. going
  4. to
  5. do
  6. what
  7. ever
  8. He
  9. wants
  10. to
  11. do

Juan started saying this about 2 days after he was arrested in 2016 and we lean heavily upon those words. He and I also see the number 11 several times throughout the day and it isn’t uncommon for him to get his turn at the phone right at 11:11. His Autism makes him look at numbers very differently.

They hold high meaning and so he wanted this post to go up at this time. The above is something he sent home. I’m supposed to know what it is. I’m going to assume that it’s a score sheet of a game he plays or a running tab of canteen purchases.

His mind understands what this is and says “you know” when I inquire.

Bites tongue! “I really don’t”.

Laughs hysterically, ” it’s the, ope they just called chow, I love you, gotta go, until then!”

Closes eyes, take a deep breath, places the sheet of numbers into the desk drawer and continues day….

Until Then ~


Love Incarcerated



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