Amp~Murder Memorial~

This poem was written in memory and honor of a bright, young man who went by the name of “Amp”. He was my “brotha from anotha motha”. My heart breaks when I think of his final moments and how he was taken from us so young. Sometimes life just is not fair. “Gansta Paradise” was a song he’d sing, unfortunately, it became his reality.

Do You Remember?
Do you remember, when it was just a song?
Just a bunch of kids growing up
There was nothing wrong
A smile on your face and passion in your heart
How did a few wrong turns tear us all apart?
Do you remember, when you stepped in?
“Ya sista from anotha motha”Was in trouble once again
You never thought twice
You were always there for me
The trouble in a few wrong turns, now I can clearly see
Do you remember, when I witnessed the wrong thing?
Somehow you convinced them
This canary would not sing
I walked away free
I knew you had my back
A few wrong turns and you were slipping through the cracks
Do you remember, you turned and walked away?
I tried to reach for you
I wanted you to stay
You had high hopes
Dollar signs in your eyes
Can you hear from where you are –
Our unstoppable cries?
I know things aren’t always as they seem
I wish it were still just a song
I wish to awake from this horrible dream