A Dove with Claws

That’s what Johnny Cash referred to himself as amidst the political pulls during Vietnam.

 “People are starting to ask questions about things more than they used to, and wherever we go we hear questions about Vietnam. A year ago, if anyone had showed a way to get out of there, I would have followed him, but at this point there’s only one man who we can look to and that’s President Nixon and I think we’ve got to stand behind him. You know,” he went on, “we took our show to Vietnam, and people said to me, ‘Well that makes you a hawk’ and when I saw the injured boys being flown to the hospitals in helicopters I said ‘Well I’m a dove — with claws’.”

My husband always calls me his “soft dove” but I kinda relate to Cash on this statement. After all that I’ve gone through in the first two years as a prison wife, I feel a bit more like a dove with claws.

However, yesterday’s capture was not of a dove at all. While I was talking to Juan on the phone, I noticed a hawk was staring me down so I grabbed my camera!






Quote credit musicaficianado