Forever ~ her poetry



Passionate kisses in the night
Just one touch made everything right
You softly caressed my body head to toe
Something within us seemed to know
That night was the night to last “forever”


It plays over and over in my mind
How months of sadness intertwined
With love and grace and all was forgiven
As you drew me closer and we knew
That night was the night to last “forever”


You pressed my body against yours
And our lips ignited something that had been sleeping
Your eyes shown of the deep regrets
The sadness you’d been keeping
Locked away deep within as we melted skin to skin
And that night was the night to last “forever”


You took your time
I let you explore
All the places you’d ignored before
Emotions were high
We both wept for secrets kept
Holding each other into the night
And it felt like that night could last “forever”


Morning came
Fate called your name


Two years ago love reignited
We loved passionately, we loved long
There was no doubt in our hearts of where we belonged
And my Love, you have my word, that is the night that will last “forever”
In my heart, mind, and soul
Until you are here, I cannot be whole
It is you I crave, your taste that I savor
Until you return, it will feel like “forever”

Thankful we have that night to remember



Image Pixabay Larisa-K




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