Old Bones ~ her poetry

cemetery-2802233_640Shovel in hand I stumble toward the unmarked grave
Memories of darkness replay
A light shines down from Heaven above
“Stop digging up old bones!” they say.


It’s my duty upon this sad, sad day
To let the memories replay
Let the tears fall
Let the torment force me to relive it all

“Stop digging up old bones!”


I sit quietly on the grass
Breathing in the freshness of the Autumn air
Watching the leaves peacefully take their place on the ground
The sun is shining brightly overhead

“Stop digging up old bones.”


I stare at this grave and all that is dead
Dead and buried now for two years passed
What a brilliant formation of clouds I see
They roll by quickly as if to say “this too shall pass”


“Stop digging up old bones.”


This time I hear the voice loud and clear
Enough already you’ve cried for two years!
I throw the shovel to the ground
And embrace the gorgeous day

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“No more digging up old bones,” I say.


Leaving the past buried and dead
I answer the phone and this is what he said

“Let’s stop digging up old bones.”


I smile and say





grave Image Pixabay pixel2013



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