Tallahassee Museum Trip – part 2

This is a continuum of Part 1 about our day trip to the Tallahassee Museum of Natural History! After the kids Mr (8) and Miss (11) explored a bit, we went to the front to wait for my daughter Angel and her boyfriend Mark to arrive. The kids were bursting with joy because they’d never met Angel or Mark. Every young couple that walked through the shimmering entrance made them hop up and ask “is that them?!”


Finally, they arrived! Lil Mr presented them each with a piece of his Halloween candy and we were all fast friends! I had met Mark once before when he dropped my daughter off for her and me to go to the refuge, but this was to be our first day together. The kids led Angel and Mark through the places they had already been. Then down the trail, we headed through the fascinating art of Jim Gary!


I am fascinated by his works each time I go. This was my second trip. You can read more about the artist and sculptor in my previous post here.


Mark was unsure about visiting the museum because of the mini “zoo”. However, for those concerned for the animals, this place rehabilitates sick and injured animals who cannot survive in the wild. For instance, there is an eagle there who had a broken wing. He was rehabilitated, released, and reinjured. Then moved to the “zoo” to live out a quieter life. I think to see the animals in such natural-like habitats and not pacing out of boredom set his mind at ease. This cat was seriously challenged by this hammock and I think we all enjoyed watching him try to figure it out.



My favorite is the foxes. They are so cute and cuddly looking. Another rule of this “zoo”. The animals are not given names. They want them to have as much natural instinct and normalcy as possible.


The hurricane damaged some parts of the zoo. This used to be a walk-through tunnel. The birds are now separated in temporary homes. This injured vulture LOVED my daughter! I will share a video of them together later. He followed her every step she took throughout the day. It was so funny!


It was awesome getting to see that smile that I’ve missed so much. Even if Mark did look outside the window at that very moment. I was able to capture moments…



Aladdin – he can show her the world

And the kids sure took to Mark easily!



And my girl still loves her some swinging!


All in all, it was a fabulous day (with only one very special person missing)….not knowing how much Mark knows, I didn’t bring Pocket Lovie along this time. I missed him. I had to fight back tears more than a few times when I thought about how much he wanted to be there. Part of being an inmate wife is learning to enjoy moments without him. Difficult but necessary to continue living.


Until we can be a family again.

Until then, I’ll keep praying that we can all be a family someday.

45278448_360960714640819_6454250310083805184_o (1)






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