Merry Christmas to our Readers! This is our gift to you.


I have put a tremendous weight upon myself, and my husband Juan and I have decided that today will be the day that the weight falls to the ground. If you read my previous post, here you saw a glimpse of how my ex-husband felt about my book.

Juan, however, is the polar opposite. 

“Someone out there is going to be touched by the words of that book!” he said. 

“So why don’t we share it?”

And so it was decided that despite our dire financial needs, we both feel that this book is to be shared to bless others ~ SKIP ahead to Chapter 1 


I cannot say what a blessing it is to have a husband who is 100% in support of what I’ve been feeling for a while now. I believe that the words I have written are powerful and need to be shared, but maybe, it was never intended to be an income source. 

And so it was decided that “Taking Time to Breathe” the Revised version ©2018 will be our Christmas gift to you! Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, and supporting my husband and me through this difficult journey! I will be posting it chapter by chapter in a series of shorter posts, throughout December! I hope you’ll stick around and I hope you enjoy the journey! Just look for the  TTTB in the title!

“Taking Time to Breathe”, as I mentioned in my previous post, was for a short time published and may still be available for purchase as I was unsuccessful in taking it out of my ex-husband’s name. For copyright protection purposes: Lisa M. Earnest is my previously married name. Very few had the opportunity to read it, but here are the testimonials of those who did. 

All Handwritten

Reader’s Testimonials

“Recovery, healing and spiritual growth are brought together by Lisa M. Earnest, God’s spirit-filled instrument, as she takes the reader on the spiritual journey of healing. Whether suffering from long-term effects of issues like abuse, trauma, or emotional instability…no matter what our issues, we are all on the same path. Taking Time to Breathe is a book of love and loss and everything in between. You will be inspired, and your life will be changed dramatically as you read the pages of this book.” ~ Vada M. Wolter, Author “The Caregiver’s Story”

“Lisa works on a wide range of true-life issues and is very impressive, guided by a very deep source her work is astounding and shows how God reaches into each and every life.” – DEAN

“I love Lisa’s writing style!” ~ Becky B. 

“I have been following Lisa’s writings for some time, her writings have often times been an encouragement to me when I most needed it. I highly recommend her writing to all who are looking to find hope in their lives.” – Paul Nowinski 

Chapter 1


Stock image credit goes to Pixabay Jill111

How many have heard me mention the numbers 111 as our guiding numbers? The stock images I chose specifically for this post just happened to be by Jill111. 



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