Fifteen Years and a Story – Prison Poetry – 2018

A poem was written by my husband after being sentenced to 15 years in prison after realizing that he isn’t doing this time alone. 


Fifteen Years and a Story

I didn’t ask for these fifteen years but I got them anyways
The judge had the last word and the last say
Now I’m in prison
I got people telling me what to do, how to do it, and what to do it with
For the next twelve hours, even with the next shift!
This don’t make no sense to keep me locked up and confined
This is crazy
Fifteen years is a lot of time!
I sit and think
In my cell
Asking what the heck? What the hell?
This ain’t fair
This ain’t right
I feel I lost my way, I lost the fight
I hate this world
I hate this place
If I don’t watch what I say
I’ll get sprayed with mace
I have a long road to go
I’m not alone
Can’t you see?
I have my wife
She is riding with me
There will come a day
When I will be set free
I’m gonna go home
And be together with my wife and me