TTTB~Chap 3~Part 2~The Run

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Taking Time to Breathe


Previously published under  Lisa M. Earnest


Copyright ©2011 by the author of this book  Lisa M.Earnest. The book author retains sole copyright to his or her contributions to this book.

Copyright ©2018 

butterflies fritilaries
Butterfly Trio

Chapter 3 ~ Part 2 ~

The Run

The sky is blue when I awaken. He sits quietly looking my way. I close my eyes, too ashamed to see His face. The grass is lush and green. A fragrance of berries drifts through the air. A gentle breeze blows through my tangled hair. I sit, wondering if I should run, or if I should stay.  Fear begins to build within me. I start to run away.

He is standing…arms stretched out to me. I cannot perceive the thought. I scan my surroundings for my quickest escape. I begin to ponder what terrible punishment He will use next. I am very afraid. I do not know where I am or how I got here. I only know that I am afraid. I want to run away.

“There are times,” He says softly and profoundly, “when one must be broken down in order to be built up again.”

I pause momentarily in my plans to run. The words reach deep within. For a moment, I feel captured. I slowly raise my eyes from the ground below and gaze upon His face.

“You will never be so broken that I cannot build you up again,” He says as He turns and walks a short distance. Realizing He isn’t going to let me run away, I decide to follow.

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