TTTB~Chap 3~Part 3~The Run

Merry Christmas to our Readers! This is our most prized possession to offer. We hope you’ll enjoy it and be blessed! ~ Love Incarcerated 

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Taking Time to Breathe


Previously published under  Lisa M. Earnest


Copyright ©2011 by the author of this book  Lisa M.Earnest. The book author retains sole copyright to his or her contributions to this book.

Copyright ©2018 


butterflies fritilaries
Butterfly Trio

Chapter 3 ~ Part 3

The Run

My earlier physical journey forever changed my life. Now, I am on a spiritual journey that is everlasting and the only constant is that things are constantly changing.

All is still—everything is quiet. Pencil to paper—this, I write. He pulls me away from today’s technology which I’ve grown to love. He places me before the freshly sharpened pencils and clean, white paper. The soft smell of the trimmed number two carries my senses from the mold-infested, cold basement I call home. I slowly drift away.

All Handwritten



Thank you for reading!

Chapter 4 coming tomorrow!



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