TTTB ~ Chap 4 ~ part 1

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Taking Time to Breathe


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Butterfly Trio

Chapter 4


Bury Shame Here


Instantly, I realize this promises to be an interesting retreat. As the lead glides over the smooth paper, every word takes on a rhythm. There is a rhythm and a rhyme as poetic phrases dance to a peculiar beat.

I pack lightly for this trip. The emotional baggage I carry, it’s more than I can bear. I need help taking the first step. I pretend the load is light, packing only what I am ready to face. I leave the rest neatly tucked away.

“Time to pack,” I hear Him say. “You’re going to take a trip with me. Don’t pack light. Anger, shame, sadness, pain; don’t be shy. You have so much more to gain. Fears, worries, frustration, and blame, never did a single tear fall in vain. Make sure you don’t forget a thing. Pack every hurt, every guilt, and every concern. We’re going to take a trip you see? You have much to learn.”

I see now that it is okay that I have problems. Even those problems that are dark as the night, do not intimidate this light. He doesn’t want me to pretend that everything is good. He wants me to trust in Him to make all things right.

I pack it all, leaving nothing back. The burden is heavy. I don’t know what to expect. My head is hurting. I think I need a break. I am starting to see what this journey will take. One step forward—three steps back. I can barely stand with this burden on my back. I have to let go of something that I have packed!

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