Who is Leesa Love?

Who is Leesa Love?

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Leesa Love is a faithful wife with one grown daughter from a previous marriage. She is the step-mother to three children. Two older children (one grown, one teenager) from a previous relationship, and a toddler from a marital affair. All three of which she has never met.


Leesa made the decision to stay with her husband of three years and repair their marriage after four miscarriages, including a devastating late loss, and his several weeks’ long affair with a younger woman. However, when she chose to obey the Lord’s calling on her life and forgive her mentally disabled husband, she had no idea what that meant!


In one day, her entire life was turned upside down! Her recently reconciled marriage was ripped apart when her loving husband was taken from their bed and arrested on serious charges. The newspaper released an article making him appear to be a monster. His family forced her to leave their rental property and live on the streets. She lost her job with the newspaper. Then she became a target of harassment, ridicule, and threats which forced her into hiding!


With her daughter no longer talking to her and special needs husband in jail facing a prison sentence, Leesa turned to blogging about her day to day life and photographing nature to find peace within as she journeys through life without a car or a place to call “home”. Leesa’s first blog “Love’s Deep Waters” failed upon launch due to technical errors.

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This blog began in October 2018 during which she and her husband lost all communication during the terrifying Hurricane Michael which ripped through the area where the facility holding her husband is located.

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He was moved 7 hours South to a facility less equipped in dealing with special needs and much more violent. After 10 days of silence and worry, their communication was restored.


Here, she documents their long journey through emotional poetry, the good and the bad as she strives to build a future for herself and for her husband to come home to while leaving a legacy of love.


Her spiritual journey through healing from her past (written before above-mentioned drama), Taking Time to Breathe Revised, is available in e-book download for 99¢. Other books and products are soon to follow!